Best buds

My absolute favorite thing about being a mom is seeing the relationship between my kids. This is one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken. Kobe and Maddie are just the best of buds and are so lucky to have each other!!

Sweet and Silly

The whole fam!

Last week I did a shoot for a really really fun extended family! They were so candid and just truly had a blast with the shoot which made it not only fun to do – but the pictures reflected their incredible personalities.
The grandparents were a blast and you could just see how much they adored their little ones. One of my favorite things to do is to snap away while kids are laughing and being their silly selves and then turn it into these “boardwalk collages”. You can either order them just as a normal print and have them custom framed or for just a few bucks more – put them on styrene board. This is one of my favorite ways to display prints and if you have ever been to one of my shows you will have seen them displayed in this way. You just put the print on a plate stand or an easel and you have a really unique and eye catching (and inexpensive!!) way of showing off your photos. This one is a 5×30… (you will have to click on it to really see it).

How fun is this one?!

What a gorgeous couple!!

These sisters were the best of friends and just laughed together the whole time – I loved it!!! If only we all were so lucky!

Friends and Fam

We were so lucky last week to have our little Maren come over for the day, and we even got Lexi and Cade for a little while on Friday. The kids had a ball playing outside!!

The best of buds just like their older brothers!!

Baby Rowan’s sneak peek

Here’s just a sneak peek of baby Rowan! She is such a sweet little thing with the best spikey hair I have ever seen on a newborn!

Party Party!

I got to join in the fun to celebrate Bella and Jaylee’s birthdays last weekend. Their mom did a great job and the girls were as always – completely adorable.

If you want to just enjoy your kids birthday party – leave the pictures up to me! Contact me for more information about birthday parties!