The water park!

My mom and I took the babies to the Summer Arts Festival and then to the little water park by the ped bridge – they had so much fun!!
Jackson was hilarious…
waiting for it…

where’s the water mom?

hahaha – there it is!!

Madison loves the pool, sprinklers, baths, pretty much anything that has to do with water – so it was no surprise that she loved this place!!


As a lot of you know I get to go to Children’s Hospital one day a week to volunteer in the H/O clinic for a couple of hours. The kids in there are awesome but of course there are always a few that kind of become your faves. Alex is one of them for me! He is 11 years old and the just the sweetest kid. His mom is amazing – she is right there with him for every single thing while still managing her other 3 kids back home which is about 7 or 8 hours away. It’s unreal the sacrifices these people have to make for their kids and she does it all with a smile on her face and doesn’t even complain about it. Alex and Elizabeth – you guys are both absolutely amazing and I am so happy that I have gotten to know you!!
Alex was down at the Med Center for the past couple months and just before he got out we had a little photo shoot down there! You’re a rockstar bud – hope to see you soon – but not too soon! 🙂 I’m so glad you are back home now!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day a little late to all the dad’s in my life… Give me a minute – they all deserve a shout out. My dad of course, Matt, GB, Gp. Batt, Gp. Jackson, Gp. Carl, and in memory of Gp. Lou who I never got to meet. And ok… Nick you too. 😉
Matt and I left Okoboji bright and early Sunday morning and headed back to Elkhorn to spend the day hanging out with my dad. Matt got a goooooood nap in after his rough weekend in Okoboji and we got to spend the day playing outside with the kiddos.

And too funny not to share – Jackson found this deck of Popeye playing cards at my parents house and picked out this card and told us it looked like Nana… hahahahahaha – we love you mom!

Lil’ Neva

Our other cousin is moving back accross the country to Wisconsin with her 3 year old and baby in tow and stopped through IA so we got to meet up with them in Shen for a quick visit and a photo shoot. She is so beautiful and Kellen had me cracking up the entire day. He INSISTED that I call him Spider Man or Peter Parker – it was the funniest thing ever! It was SO great to see you guys – can’t wait to see you all at the lake in August!

The cruel and unusual things that my family lets me do to their kids during shoots… don’t show Andy!

This is the face he would make if I said to smile… haha! Lesson learned.

I mean seriously – do the facial expressions get any better than this?

Ok so I know it was supposed to be Neva’s photo shoot – but he was toooo cute!

Kobe and Kellen/Spiderman are the best of buds

All 6 cousins together! We were just happy to get them all sitting together for a second!

The Neva’s together (Baby Neva was named after her absolutely amazing and beautiful Great Grandma Neva!)

Four Generations – isn’t that cool??!

Our little Addison

This is our cousin’s little girl Addison – we just did her photo shoot the other day and had so much fun with it! Here are just a few! She is so funny – and always a great little model for me! I think my favorite part was that she wouldn’t let her mom do anything for her – she wanted me for everything! Jess said she does that with everyone but I still felt pretty cool. 🙂

‘Boji Baby

Matt and I went to Okoboji with our good friends last weekend and had the best time ever. Tyler and Ashleigh were the best hosts we could have asked for! We can’t thank you guys enough for having us out – here’s a few of the family friendly pictures… 😉

Chokehold on Ashleigh??

We love you too Macy – such a great dog!!