I am sure at some point through this post I am going to tear up a little and get a little sappy – but bear with me.  Meredith’s family moved in a couple houses down from my parents when I was 11.  She was just a baby and her parents were so young and cool.  They instantly became like a second family to me and I started babysitting Meredith as much as I possibly could.  She was the cutest little blonde haired brown eyed girl you had ever seen and she ran around calling me “Cacky”.  I loved her like my own little sis and her mom became a total mentor to me in every aspect of life, being a mom, being a good wife, and being a business owner.  Meredith is 17 now and in her senior year of high school.  She is incredibly beautiful and talented all with a constant laugh and smile on her face and a great head on her shoulders.  I couldn’t be any more proud of her and the person she has become.  Merdy Mac thanks for letting me do your pictures – you are the most gorgeous girl ever – inside and out.  We love you and can’t wait to see where your future takes you.  

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Prior to starting up Bosley Creative I worked for NetShops doing online marketing.  It’s a really cool company that is growing rapidly, winning awards left and right and still maintaining a sense of humor through it all.  The meetings include bouncy balls, break room arcade style basketball hoops, ping pong tournaments, and the occasional foot race through the entire building.  Not to mention the talent from the big timers at Google and Amazon just to name a few.  I was contacted by them a few months ago to come and shoot the rebranding of the business.  What was once NetShops is now known as Hayneedle.  Keep your eyes open – their billboards are all over town and you will be hearing more and more about them.  Need anything from patio umbrellas and bar stools all the way to diaper bags and doggie beds – they’ve got it and not only do they have it – they have hundreds of options to choose from.  Check them out and look around!







A few of my favorite things…

With Christmas just right around the corner I can’t help but think of the Kenny Roger’s version of this song.  My dad played it all the time when we were little.  Through out the next few months I will be posting a few of my favorite things, people, local business etc…  I have been extremely fortunate to work with and get to know quite a few wonderful people and I would love to “share the wealth” (of knowledge) with all of you.  So check back often to see my “fomft” posts!


This Boutique called Miss Things Boutique sells pettiskirts that are gorgeous and waaaay more reasonable than anywhere else that I have seen. Not to mention that you can completely customize your skirt.  You love animal prints – they have them – all kinds, want a vintage lace look (one of my favorites!!) – done,  polkadots are your thing?  Check out theirs!  They just came out with a new Damask one – which I am pretty sure will be added to my studio collection very soon!  Check out their site – they have it all from just the skirts to the entire outfit.  Become a fan on Facebook and you will see all the new products right when they come out!


This is the rockin' raspberry with extra ruffles!

This is the rockin' raspberry with extra ruffles!

My loves…

Funny enough – after dragging my kids all over the place for photos – my faves ended up being the ones we snapped after church last week in our own yard!  I just had these three individual shots made up into float wraps for my living room and I get them tomorrow and can’t wait!!  Let me know if you want to see what they are or have any questions about them.  




Come walk with us!

The walk that we do every year for my brother is this Sunday.  Please consider coming down to Gallup and remembering those that we have lost and help raise awareness for this awful thing that all too many families and friends are affected by every day. If you can’t make it and want to donate please do – every little bit helps!!

Roses are red…

Our good friends had their first baby the other day and we just couldn’t be any happier for them.  I felt extremely lucky when they asked me to take her newborn pictures.  She is an absolute doll and her mommy looked amazing!  Thank you so much for letting me take Clara’s pictures and spend the morning with you guys!  Candice – your mom is wonderful – I loved getting to talk to her!

So this picture has a little story behind it – the other day “Daddy” brought home 2 bunches of red roses – one for each of his girls.   Miss Clara – you are one lucky little girl to be surrounded by so much love!




Candice you are such a gorgeous mommy!!