FOMFT #4 – Spotless Living

A friend of mine owns Spotless Living – a residential cleaning business.  She does an amazing job and is one of the most trustworthy people you could ask to have in your home.  She not only does weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings – but she even does those one timers.  So take one more thing off your to do list this holiday season and give Kristin a call to make your home spotless!!  Her number is 320-9731 and her email is  
Here is a testimonial directly from one of her customers:

“Kristin has been cleaning our home for several months now. My wife and I are absolutely pleased with the quality of work, attention to detail and personable service. If you’re looking for a truly ‘Spotless’ home, look no further.”


When we book appointments with our clients we try to decide what kind of a look they are going for.  Our three top “looks” that we use are nature/natural – like a park, trees, grass, leaves, pond etc…  Two of my favorites are rustic and urban.  Urban is where we go to an alley, the old train station etc… its generally a little dirty, but very very cool.  Rustic is what I have pictures of here – old abandoned buildings, we have our eye on a couple barns that we are hoping to get permission to use – but for now we have been using and loving this space!! 







The sweetest thing…

Jackson was just having a meltdown (because he couldn’t have fruit snacks for breakfast) and Madison went up to him and said in her sweetest voice “Don’t cry Jackson, Sissy will always take care of you!”  Now she is reading stories to him.  I couldn’t love them any more.

Dance Pictures

I took a few pictures of Maddie in her dance outfit today.  They are quick and easy to do – if you are interested in something like this – inquire about a mini session or bring them along to your regular shoot.

maddie dance1


These 3 girls were so wonderful to do pictures of – they all have their own personalities which is my favorite part of getting to know families!


Little Miss S was the sweetest thing all through the shoot and was so perfect and then all of a sudden at the end decided she was done.  It was actually really cute and some of my favorite pictures happened because of it!  Just goes to show – let your kids be – and trust me – you will love the pictures.





FOMFT #3 – The Chocolate Season!

Okay – I wanted to get this one up because it is somewhat time sensitive!  Erika Jensen owns The Chocolate Season – and she has the most amazing goodies you could want!  Every single thing that comes from there is just incredible from the packaging to the creativity to the taste.  Right now she has some special treats for Halloween – a great treat to have at your Halloween party, give to your kid’s teacher, or just to have around the house for yourself!! Do yourself a favor and check her out at

(I stole a few of her images – taken by her equally as talented husband – Bradley Jensen)