FOMFT #6 – Daisy Girl

daisygirl If there is one thing every mom should spoil their baby with – this is it. Daisy Girl creates the absolute best lotion for babies.  It smells amazing and is so silky and creamy – I can assure that you won’t be disappointed!  And even better – it is SO affordable!  And on top of that?!  They make something for everyone – babies, moms, candles for the home etc…  Check out their site and get an order put in for your next baby shower, your own little ones, or for the holidays – you will love the product and the personal service!

Go Antlers!!

Tonight is the beginning of State volleyball down in Lincoln.  Two of Bosley Creative’s senior girls will be competing down there – and they also happen to be cousins! Check out the awesome article on about it!!


This is the pictures taken from

With my Merdy and Reagan playing and being an Elkhorn alum we will definitely be routing for the Antlers to win this year – good luck girls!! I am once again SO very proud of you!


FOMFT #5 – Pawsitively Treasured


I just took our dog Jake into get groomed today – generally I dread this.  He’s big, he’s crazy and I always get dirty looks from the people at the vets office.  So today he had his first trip to the new Pawsitively Treasured.  One word AMAZING!!!  They were so nice – Jake got to run around and play – and when I picked him up – he looked SO gorgeous!! His fur is as soft as when he was a puppy, he is so fluffy and shiny and he was so happy!!  Truly I can’t even tell you how happy I was with them and the quality of service they provide at a lower cost than anywhere I have been.  If you don’t try out Pawsitively Treasured you are missing out!!  Call them at  515-0549 – or stop in to talk to them on the SouthWest corner of 180th and Q.

Oh and they also have a retail side with everything from luxury pet beds, to collars, to treats, to natural products to help keep your dog from turning the grass yellow.



Cuteness from A to Z…

These 2 little cuties live in our circle.  From the 1st time I met them I was hoping their mama would ask me to do their pictures – they are so adorable!!  So I was thrilled when she got in touch with me recently to set something up.  She also opted for the “no moms allowed” shoot – where I just pick up the kids and take them myself for the shoot.  It is great – the moms don’t stress, the kids and I have an amazing time, and from what I hear it is even more exciting to get the pictures back because they don’t know what to expect.  Let me know if you want to know more about it!

This just might be one of the cutest pictures ever!!  


I’ve said it a thousand times – but I don’t think that there is anything better than seeing the relationships between siblings.  So naturally – I just adore these pictures.


I could honestly post their entire shoot I loved it so much – but in the interest of time – here are just a few! 











a couple things i’ve learned…

I feel like I have been taking a ton of boys pictures lately.  A couple things I have learned that continue to make me laugh every time…

1.  Whenever you ask a 5-8 year old boy to do a serious pose – you will get the toughest Mr. T looking pose they have.

2. They flare their nostrils all the time.

3. They have no idea how to cross their arms (this goes for all ages of boys and men).

4. They are funny – and the best pictures will come when they are screwing around – so it’s okay. 🙂


After two and a half years of trying endlessly to get that one picture of all three of my kids together that just made me laugh, smile and my heart melt a little – I finally got it.  You will most likely be seeing this on our Christmas cards, a canvas in my home, facebook, etc… But I just couldn’t wait to share it.  And yes nana – I will get you a copy. 🙂

My little loves...