Our Gingerbread House

Our overly kind neighbors and good friends brought us over a gingerbread house kit this year. This weekend we decided to tackle it with the kids.  We laughed A LOT and learned a few things for next year…

1. Read and follow the instructions when it comes to the assembly.  When they say to let it sit for an hour before going to the next step – do it.  Don’t try to rush though it in hopes that it’s not necessary.

2. Start assembling the house before 7:30 at night.

3. When decorating – have Madison wear a hair net.

4. A little water goes a long way in the frosting.

5. Don’t break the gingerbread man’s head off.

It was a fabulous new tradition that we will carry on every year. We had so much fun – and laughed so hard at our messy and ridiculous gingerbread house.

H is for Husker Jersey

Show ‘n Tell at Maddie’s school today was for the letter H.  She wore one of her big brother’s Husker jerseys.

Prayers from Madison

As I’ve mentioned on here before Madison and Jackson are the ones who do our prayers for us at the dinner table. What I love about the way Madison prays is that it’s like she is just talking to her friend and having a little conversation – which is the way it should be.  And every now and then I am dying laughing before she is done and wishing more than anything that I had caught her prayer on video. Tonight was one of those nights – it was a long one so I can’t remember the entire thing – but after thanking God for her friends, her family, food, toys and so on this is the part that had her daddy and I cracking up at the end.

“Thank you for you, Father, Jesus and God, and Uncle Stopher and Santa. You are all not humans. Only the people that live in Nebraska are humans…”

My first piece of art

I have pictures of my kids up all over the house – we have a couple canvas prints in the living room, an entire stairway dedicated to pictures of our family and close friends, and other prints spread through out the house.  And while I love the pictures of the kids – I want a little diversity when it comes to my art.  My good friend who owns Birdhouse Interiors and Birdhouse Collectible is a huge advocate for original art. She is always encouraging me to use my talents as a photographer and create art pieces out of them (and she means beyond the shrine of my children).  So after tirelessly searching for an art piece that I really loved (and could afford) I decided to go through some of my own pictures that I have taken.  I decided on this one and will be hanging it in a black frame that my dad and I made.  This picture is of the Beetison house in Ashland.  I am fascinated by it and have done a few photo shoots out there. The house was constructed in 1874-75 and has such a rich history.

Maren and Megs

We went down for our cousin’s little girl’s baptism and afterwards we got to drop by and hang out with my nieces and do a little photo shoot.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law live in a beautiful old home and upstairs in their daughters’ rooms they have tons of natural light (my favorite kind!) – so we did the pictures up there.  Here is just a little sneak peek for you Jess!

Fuzzy jammy hugs – does it get any better than this?

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately – but I couldn’t be more thankful for moments like these…