Why I could have ten more kids…

There are a lot of things I love about being a mommy, but one of my absolute favorite things is seeing the relationship my kids have with each other as siblings.  It is unlike anything else – and in my mind unbreakable.  I had an amazing relationship with my brother before he died and I miss him every single day because of that – it is a relationship that you just can’t find any where else.  So today we stopped to get gas and I had Kobe run in to get me a soda while I filled up the car.  When we were done I started to pull away so I could go park in front of the gas station to wait for Kobe.  In the back seat Maddie and Jack started saying “where’s Kobe?  Wait for Kobe!” – I jokingly (which now I see wasn’t very kind or funny – but if I didn’t do it you would all be missing out on this fantastic story…) said “let’s just leave him – let’s just leave him at the gas station”  Madison kept saying “wait for KOBE!!” and I said “Why do you want to wait for him – he just fights with you all the time anyways – let’s go!”  (this was all very light hearted by the way – in writing it’s coming out pretty dark and evil…)  Then Madison started BAWLING her little sister eyes out.  It was the cutest thing ever – she loves those brothers of hers more than anything and I couldn’t imagine any one of them with out the others.  I love you kids to death and Kobes – I would never leave you at the gas station. 🙂 Muah.

An old pic but one of my favorites none the less...

Love this little guy…

Okay so I absolutely adore this little man.  He has all the chunkiness and sweetness a mommy could ask for and his adorable little face – well… let’s just say if he was my baby I would get nothing more done than sitting around kissing his cheeks, and snuggling him.

Jack – I am so glad that you are a part of our First Year Club so that I get to see you every three months!!

Sweet sweet Clara

Clara’s mommy and daddy happen to be good friends of ours and I have been having a blast getting to do her pictures every three months!  I laughed so hard during this shoot – I was holding her and her facial expressions were just hilarious!  Not to mention she is a spitting image of her daddy and I felt like I was looking right at him.

I love this group of pictures – she’s like “what is this crazy lady doing?!”, she checks mom and dad to see what they are doing and then decides “Okay – I’ll smile too.”  So sweet!

Happy First Birthday Sam!!

Sam just had his 1 year photo shoot – we always let parents know that they can bring cupcakes or a small cake for the end of the shoot and we just let the kids have at it.  These were my favorite pictures from his entire shoot – I absolutely love them.  How often can you sit around and eat cake naked??