Spring is coming!!

Last week with the teaser of gorgeous weather this was a more believable statement, but today with the cold weather and snow all around it’s harder to believe! I promise though – Spring is coming and it’s right around the corner!!

Last {gloomy} Saturday I was stuck in my office doing my taxes and I started to notice how many shoots we did outdoors last April. It’s hard to believe but all of these pics were taken last April. Look how gorgeous it will be and at all the green grass – in just about a month!!

We are so excited to get back outside to start shooting again – but we are on a bit of a time crunch! I am due May 3rd so we are trying to fit in as many shoots as we can early-mid April.  If you are wanting to get in a Spring shoot with us please go online and get something booked right away – our 1st weekend in April is already almost booked up! Here is the link to our online calendar: http://bosleycreative.bookmonline.com/

Class of 2012!!

It’s so hard to believe but we are already starting to book Class of 2012 Seniors! This summer is going to sneak up fast and we want to make sure to get our seniors on the schedule! If you are a Class of 2012 Senior or know of one please have them check out our site and contact us to set up their senior pictures!

Love you baby

With this being our last baby, and knowing what a true miracle and blessing it is to be able to carry a baby – I have enjoyed this pregnancy so much. I still complain, I’m still exhausted and still have all the aches and pains, but I’m grateful to be able to carry my baby and feel her move in my tummy, and to know that in a couple of months she will be here with us and bringing so much joy to me just as our other three kids already do.

da’ club

Tonight my daughter wanted us all to come to her “party” {in her room}. She had her ballet bar set up at the door and stood behind it checking your name on her “list” {a piece of paper she had}, and then would move the velvet rope {ballet bar} to let you in. She had her lights dimmed and when daddy tried to get in she yelled “no lash {flash} photography”! at him and told him he had to leave. I’m just curious what velvet rope, meat head bouncer clubs is this girl hanging out at?

A pretty Spring burlap wreath

I’m not a “crafter” by any means – but I love to create things. I am all over the place though! From photography, to light fixtures, and playhouses to wreaths – I just love making things or recreating things.  I got this idea from another website on how to do this wreath and I loved it and needed something for Spring. It was pretty easy to do and my kids were able to help.  I will show how I did it below if you feel like making one too!


2 yards of burlap {this is about $2.99/yd at any fabric store – and I had plenty left over}

random material {enough to make about 50-60 circles}

foam wreath

scrapbooking brads {we used a pack of 50}

glue gun/glue sticks

Start by cutting out circles of burlap and fabric. {This is really messy – I cut mine outside!} The amount is just an estimate – it all depends on how you layer the circles.

– 50 larger circles of burlap

– 50 smaller circles of burlap

– 50 – 75 small to medium circles of fabric

Put together the “flowers” using the brads. Layer the burlap and material however you like it best and put it together with a brad.

Cut about a 4 inch strip {or strips} of the burlap. Attach one end with the glue gun to foam wreath and continue to overlap it and wrap it around the wreath attaching the other end with the glue gun.  Continue to do this until the entire wreath is covered.

Use your hot glue gun to attach the “flowers” all over the wreath – covering the front, edges and insides.

I tied a strip of fabric around the top of mine to hang it by but you can do this however you would like.

That’s it! It’s easy and super cheap to make!! Let me know if you make one and how it turns out!  To see the original tutorial I got this idea from go here – I hesitated to share that ’cause hers looks awesome – but oh well. 😉


As promised – here are a few more peeks at this ADORABLE “little” guy. He was over 10 pounds when he was born! I don’t know how his mama did it!!  I had a wonderful time working with Cole and can’t wait to see him as he grows up! He was such a sweet little newborn.