Majestic Morning

Speaking of… If anyone is looking for a church to visit on Easter morning, or any other Sunday for that matter – please come check out our church at Water’s Edge. We can’t say enough about our Pastor, our church or our experience there. We have a service at 9:00 and 10:30 and we meet at Millard West High School. Check out their website to see past sermons or check out Pastor Craig’s blog to see what it is all about.  Our church is very laid back – so wear what you want and don’t feel intimidated!! We would love to see some more of our friends there!

Cousin Mare Bear

We got to have our niece spend the night a couple weeks ago. She did so wonderful and we all loved having her with us!!

We had movie night… for about 5 minutes. Then the novelty wore off.

The next morning we went out for donuts and played, and played, and played! Don’t you just want to kiss this little face?!

Maren made a few calls…

And we were naughty and jumped on the bed…

then we got silly and did some photo booth shoots….

and finally we went and played at the Children’s Museum.

We love you Mare Bear – can’t wait for our next sleepover!!