Due to the fact that we have about a million posts and pictures to put up right now just from everything going on in our family life – we have decided to start up a blog just for that so we don’t overtake Bosley Creative!!  We will still be posting some pictures and stories here from our fam but will try not to over-do it! Please feel free to hop over to to see what we have been up to, get updates on Baby Luella and learn way too much about our family. 😉

Also a quick thank you to all my clients that have been so patient with me over the past couple weeks! The birth of our baby girl has been the most amazing thing since, well… nearly 4 years ago when we had Jackson! We are trying to soak up and enjoy every bit of “newborn-ness” that we possibly can. Knowing this is our last time doing this makes it so much harder to ever set her down! We promise that we haven’t forgotten about you and we are working to get everything done! Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Our new baby!

We have so much to post and {I am sure} so many pictures to come – but we wanted to quickly announce the newest addition to the Bosley Family – Luella Grace. She was born Saturday at 1:04pm and was a very healty 7 pounds, 11 ounces. She is amazing – and we are all so in love.

Happy May Day

I remember when I was young how much I loved May Day. Where I grew up – we ALL celebrated May Day. We would get up early in the morning before school and deliver cups filled with popcorn and candy to each other, ringing the doorbell and then running as fast as we could to avoid getting caught and kissed.  Our neighbors now are fabulous and we all celebrate May Day with our kids. It’s such a fun day and my kids couldn’t get enough of it {well – the younger 2 anyways…}.