We’ve all been there… right?

This morning as I was packing up our bag to head down to the Children’s Museum, I contemplated whether or not I should run back up stairs and grab and extra pair of clothes for Luella, ya’ know, “just in case”. “Nah”, I thought – “she never needs them”…

**One side note I should point out here – the Children’s Museum intimidates me. Not the place itself, or the activities there, but the other moms. Because I only go during the week, I am there with all the  full time stay at home moms, the really good ones. You know the kind – they sew their kid’s clothes from organic fabric, have juice in glass sippy cups that they juiced themselves that morning from the fruit out of their backyards, and homemade hummus and pita bread for snacks made only from the finest and most natural of ingredients. They scare me – so I put on my best show there of “healthy-ish snacks” and hide out in dark secret corners when I have to change a disposable diaper or bottle feed my baby”**

So there I was – being a super mom.  We painted, did crafts, painted her face, milked a pretend cow, I even dressed up in butterfly wings and danced around on the stage to keep the giggles coming from my bubbly, imaginative two year old. I was rockin’ the whole mom thing.

And then Lulu said “I have to go potty” – and as she was “going” on the miniature potty chair, I heard those dreaded words: “Uh-Oh”.  It turns out she wasn’t sitting all the way on the potty – and was actually going potty everywhere – right down into her adorable purple plaid rain boots.  Remember those extra clothes I didn’t need to pack? So I calmly thought (because of my experience in being a mom who is unprepared for such situations – I have mastered remaining calm in them) – what are our options here…

I removed my “long and lean tank top” that I had on underneath my shirt, and put it on Lulu, put her top back on – and “voila” – instant maxi dress… The problem was – she still had no shoes, and no panties on and it was 20 degrees outside. So we gathered up her art work and crafts, and scrambled the heck out of the place trying to ignore the judging looks as I raced to the car with a half naked two year old in the middle of winter.

Lulu kept saying, and I quote, “It’s too strange”. I know baby… I know.

Here’s the thing – I share these stories because it’s HARD being a mom sometimes. Sometimes it’s hard because we make it hard, and sometimes it’s things we can’t control. But regardless – I think it always helps to be able to laugh at the situation and helps even more when we realize we aren’t the only ones.  I will never ever ever be that perfect mom – but I sure do love my kids more than I could ever explain – and I hope as they grow up they will feel like that was all they really needed.