Gray in May

Some of you who follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook may remember how I wore “Gray through May” for my dear friend, Melissa Broz, as she battled her way through brain cancer. Some of you may also remember our community’s heart wrenching loss last August when she lost that battle here on earth. Melissa was so much more than I could ever write about in a blog post – her smile, her energy, her love and compassion. These were all things you felt immediately when you were around her. I went to see Melissa before she died, and as I walked in and saw the sparkle in her little girl’s eyes – I vowed to her that I would NEVER forget the life and love she brought to this world, and even more so that I would do everything in my power to make sure her kids remembered this about her as they grew up.  I swore that she would not just have been a small part of my life that I grew on to live with out – but that her small time in my life would make big, ever-lasting changes in me. And she has. Her love for people and life, her steadfast Faith, her commitment to her family, have all changed me.

The Broz Family

Melissa and her family. This is one of the many beautiful and treasured pictures taken by Cara Yates.

So this year for Gray in May – I will be sporting my gray – but also wanted to do something more – something to honor Melissa.  I contacted her best friend, Cara Yates, who is a phenomenal photographer, and who is the reason Josh and the kids have gorgeous pictures and memories to hold onto. I asked her for ideas of what we could do this month  – and she suggested we each pick a family who has a family member battling cancer – and donate a photo shoot to them. I loved her idea – and so that is what we are doing! I will be posting more about these shoots – so make sure to check back to see these shoots we are doing in honor and memory of Melissa.


A few pictures from our 2013 Gray in May

If you want to join us in remembering our sweet friend and too many others that are battling brain cancer – wear your Gray in May and share your photos with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. #grayinmay #melissasmission