Hello all! Where did the day go?!! Three out of my four kids are in bed so we are finally getting Day 3’s giveaway up for you all to have a crack at! I wish I was winning this one – I love this local Etsy shop!! Today’s giveaway prize is a $25 gift card to Kari Machal Designs. She makes the cutest prints that I can’t do justice by describing on my own… So you will have to drop by her shop to check them out! Believe it or not $25 is more than enough to get you an 11×14 and cover the shipping on a lot of her prints! So you know the drill by now – drop by www.facebook.com/bosleycreative and find the status that talks about this giveaway and like and/or share it for an entry to win!! And as a thank you to Kari for hooking us up with such an awesome gift if you can drop by her facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/karimachaldesigns and like that we would be grateful!

A note from our gracious designer…

Hello! My name is Kari Machal and I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 from Nebraska. I have a BFA in graphic design and worked in the advertising industry for over 10 years. I also made wedding cakes for 14 years…. Most recently I have dusted off my graphics skills and openedĀ Kari Machal Designs. I love making special family trees, birth date prints, wedding guest book prints and subway art to hang in people’s homes. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my shop – I so appreciate all of my customers!!

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