Back to School, Back to School…

My oldest two kids have been in school for a couple weeks not, and my little man had High Five Open House the other night at his preschool. Do you know what this means for you guys?! There is a chance that after we survive next week of getting my younger two kids back to school and get myself through a 1st grade field trip – there is a glimmer of hope I might have a halfway normal response time to your emails!

Seriously guys – THANK YOU to all of my AMAZING clients that have been so patient with me through this summer. I have loved all the time I have gotten to spend with my kids and family this summer – but at some point – I’ve got to get back to work! It’s been a crazy ride trying to balance everything and I really truly do appreciate how understanding and patient you all have been!

Just a few pics Jax and I stopped and took after open house. I can’t believe how big my little man has gotten – I’m glad he is just as silly as ever though. 🙂 And yes – I was about to make him change the outfit he picked out – and then realized – he is only going to be five once. Rock on Jax.

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