Recipe Wednesday!

Hey guys – just a reminder that we do “Recipe Wednesday” over at the care hound blog – so drop over and check it out every Wednesday!  If you have a great recipe to share please send it to me via email and we will feature it and give you all the glory!


Over the holiday break I had some time to enjoy a few of my favorite things…

Woodwick Candles – these are hands down the best candles out there – Vanilla Bean – my personal favorite.  The wick is actually made of wood and crackles like a fire!  Not to mention they smell amazing and last forever.

Lonesome Bull Salsa – this salsa is constantly on hand at my mom’s, at our house for every football game, and I think coupled with Special K cereal I could pretty much live off these two things.  Now it is only sold at Rick’s Meats in Elkhorn off Hwy 31 – but it is well worth it – but Rick’s has the very best meat in town – so make the trip!


Redbox – Honestly I love Redbox – I don’t know what I did before it came along.  It’s a genius idea – it is perfect for people like me – who last minute want to grab a cheap ($1 per movie per night) movie without having to go into a movie store and have a membership.  I even stopped there tonight and picked up a couple movies which I swear I am returning tomorrow. 🙂  (I have yet to ever return these the next day – so my cheap movies always end up being pretty costly)

I hope you all enjoyed ringing in 2010.  I will be playing catch up over the month of January with tons and tons of pictures from our trip, our holidays, and clients pictures from the past few months.


FOMFT #6 – Daisy Girl

daisygirl If there is one thing every mom should spoil their baby with – this is it. Daisy Girl creates the absolute best lotion for babies.  It smells amazing and is so silky and creamy – I can assure that you won’t be disappointed!  And even better – it is SO affordable!  And on top of that?!  They make something for everyone – babies, moms, candles for the home etc…  Check out their site and get an order put in for your next baby shower, your own little ones, or for the holidays – you will love the product and the personal service!

FOMFT #5 – Pawsitively Treasured


I just took our dog Jake into get groomed today – generally I dread this.  He’s big, he’s crazy and I always get dirty looks from the people at the vets office.  So today he had his first trip to the new Pawsitively Treasured.  One word AMAZING!!!  They were so nice – Jake got to run around and play – and when I picked him up – he looked SO gorgeous!! His fur is as soft as when he was a puppy, he is so fluffy and shiny and he was so happy!!  Truly I can’t even tell you how happy I was with them and the quality of service they provide at a lower cost than anywhere I have been.  If you don’t try out Pawsitively Treasured you are missing out!!  Call them at  515-0549 – or stop in to talk to them on the SouthWest corner of 180th and Q.

Oh and they also have a retail side with everything from luxury pet beds, to collars, to treats, to natural products to help keep your dog from turning the grass yellow.



FOMFT #4 – Spotless Living

A friend of mine owns Spotless Living – a residential cleaning business.  She does an amazing job and is one of the most trustworthy people you could ask to have in your home.  She not only does weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings – but she even does those one timers.  So take one more thing off your to do list this holiday season and give Kristin a call to make your home spotless!!  Her number is 320-9731 and her email is  
Here is a testimonial directly from one of her customers:

“Kristin has been cleaning our home for several months now. My wife and I are absolutely pleased with the quality of work, attention to detail and personable service. If you’re looking for a truly ‘Spotless’ home, look no further.”

FOMFT #3 – The Chocolate Season!

Okay – I wanted to get this one up because it is somewhat time sensitive!  Erika Jensen owns The Chocolate Season – and she has the most amazing goodies you could want!  Every single thing that comes from there is just incredible from the packaging to the creativity to the taste.  Right now she has some special treats for Halloween – a great treat to have at your Halloween party, give to your kid’s teacher, or just to have around the house for yourself!! Do yourself a favor and check her out at

(I stole a few of her images – taken by her equally as talented husband – Bradley Jensen)