Papa Ken

When I was young Ken and Janelle lived downed the street from us. My dad and Ken became best friends quickly and Ken became “Papa Ken” to me.  Our families were very close and even after they moved to South Carolina and then to New York we remained close.  Ken and Janelle have now moved back to Lincoln so my parents have got to spend quite a bit of time with them. They have always been like family to us.  Ken has been battling cancer for a while now and the other week my mom and I went out to visit the whole family. It was so fun and the house was filled with as much love and laughter as I always remember it.  I’ve always loved watching Ken and Janelle together – Janelle has always been so “fancy” to me. Always dressed in the latest fashions and just a beauty – but what really radiates from her is her love for Papa Ken. I am so glad I got to spend the afternoon with everyone and to capture just a tid bit of their every day family.

Thank you!!

In a time that we should feel grateful just to have a job, I feel even more thankful to not only have just a job, and to just bring home a paycheck, but to have a job that I love so much, and one that gives me the kind of life where I get to live my dream of being a photographer and  running my own business, but yet I also feel like I don’t have to give up being a mommy either. I think the hardest part of being a working mom is figuring out the balance and I truly feel that my job really gives me the best of both worlds. THANK YOU so much to all of you – without my amazing clients I wouldn’t have this dream job and the opportunity to work a job that I love, while still feeling like I am not missing out on the little moments of my kid’s life.  I love that I get to be there for baseball tournaments and school activities.  That I get to be home on their sick days and days off school, go on their fieldtrips, and the extra snuggle time I get in the mornings. I am so grateful to all of you for your support these past 4-1/2 years. I truly do appreciate you all for giving me this –

so THANK YOU a hundred times over…

Today I was reminded once again how fortunate I am when I got to go on Jackson’s first preschool field trip. I loved seeing him act silly with his friends and teachers and to see how excited he was!!


Maren & Meg

I got to go down to Shenandoah to visit my nieces and take them on a little photo shoot. It was so fun to spend time – just the 3 of us – and they are the cutest little bugs an aunt could ask for! I love you girls!!! Muah!

I love the pink polka dot “unds” hanging out in this one. 🙂


Just a couple pics of our 3 month old!! See more at their blog at


Jackson turned four a couple of weeks ago. We had to go downtown to pick up Lulu’s birth certificate for our trip so we snuck in a quick (hot and sweaty) photo shoot while we were there. I absolutely love shoots with Jackson because he is genuine in his pictures.  They show off his personality so much!  Here are just a few – to see more you can check out the kid’s blog at  They will be up soon… I hope. 🙂


Due to the fact that we have about a million posts and pictures to put up right now just from everything going on in our family life – we have decided to start up a blog just for that so we don’t overtake Bosley Creative!!  We will still be posting some pictures and stories here from our fam but will try not to over-do it! Please feel free to hop over to to see what we have been up to, get updates on Baby Luella and learn way too much about our family. 😉

Also a quick thank you to all my clients that have been so patient with me over the past couple weeks! The birth of our baby girl has been the most amazing thing since, well… nearly 4 years ago when we had Jackson! We are trying to soak up and enjoy every bit of “newborn-ness” that we possibly can. Knowing this is our last time doing this makes it so much harder to ever set her down! We promise that we haven’t forgotten about you and we are working to get everything done! Thanks for your understanding and patience!