The Brummels Family

It was so great to see you guys again the other day! I love that you are a part of the 1st year club so I get to see the girls so often and watch them grow up this year!! Thanks for coming down!

The McCreery Kids

Love these 2 little sweethearts! Thanks for coming down the other day guys!!

The Mollak family

I have been working with this family for a couple years now and I just love them!  And they are expecting their 4th little girl this summer! I have so much fun every time I get to see them and their girls just get sweeter and sweeter!

Love you baby

With this being our last baby, and knowing what a true miracle and blessing it is to be able to carry a baby – I have enjoyed this pregnancy so much. I still complain, I’m still exhausted and still have all the aches and pains, but I’m grateful to be able to carry my baby and feel her move in my tummy, and to know that in a couple of months she will be here with us and bringing so much joy to me just as our other three kids already do.

Another date added for studio shoots!

Our dates down at the studio are filling up so quickly that we just added another one! April 2nd we will be at the downtown studio location. If you would like to book a shoot down there please hop onto and get on the schedule for April 2nd!!  In our posts below you can see some examples of shoots we have done at the studio to get an idea of what it’s like there.

The kiddos

My kids came down at the end of our mini shoot day and I got a few pics of them…