Prior to starting up Bosley Creative I worked for NetShops doing online marketing.  It’s a really cool company that is growing rapidly, winning awards left and right and still maintaining a sense of humor through it all.  The meetings include bouncy balls, break room arcade style basketball hoops, ping pong tournaments, and the occasional foot race through the entire building.  Not to mention the talent from the big timers at Google and Amazon just to name a few.  I was contacted by them a few months ago to come and shoot the rebranding of the business.  What was once NetShops is now known as Hayneedle.  Keep your eyes open – their billboards are all over town and you will be hearing more and more about them.  Need anything from patio umbrellas and bar stools all the way to diaper bags and doggie beds – they’ve got it and not only do they have it – they have hundreds of options to choose from.  Check them out and look around!