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In addition to show casing our favorite photos from each shoot, and the occasional sneak peeks of my family, we are adding this new “category” to our blog. I tend to hear a lot of the same questions from friends, family and clients; “How should I display my photos,” “What should we wear for the photo shoot” (that one definitely wins #1 asked question!), “When’s the best time to shoot” etc… So! I am slowly but surely going to start sharing my answers to these questions with you!

The first one I want to start with is “how do I display my photos?” I DEFINITELY have this problem! I have about a bajillion pictures, I have canvas’, float wraps, light impressions, standouts, collages, etc… I also have color, black and white, antiqued, etc… I mean seriously – what’s a girl to do?  Well – I was lucky enough to call up my girl Jessica McKay, owner of Birdhouse Interiors and Birdhouse Collectible to have her come and help me style my house, and okay – if I’m being honest – she actually came and hung all my frames in my stairway for me. I know – I’m super lucky.  I have to say – first and foremost – she is the one to call if you want a little decorating help. She truly transformed my house and the way I feel about it – and even the way I look at decorating going forward. I finally realized that it’s OKAY to have my OWN style – my house doesn’t have to look like every other house in my neighborhood – who knew?! Anyways – I’m off track again – what was I talking about? This might be the problem with writing these posts in the middle of the night…

If you do decide that you are wanting to tackle this display task on your own – here are a few layout ideas I like, and a few sites you can check out for even more ideas…

Same idea – just with a few less photos:

This would be great with canvas wraps, float wraps, or standouts:

So – apparently I am really drawn to the square pictures, in a square layout…

But not everything has to line up perfectly!! Notice how the spacing between the frames is the same? That is what makes it work. Make sure to check out the link below this image – she has tons of different layouts on her site – and tells you exactly what size you need! Yeah – it’s that easy!

This site has tons of different layouts as well. Keep in mind – we have our basic sizes listed on our website, but we can print in pretty much any size! The 10×20’s are one of my favorite sizes to use.

How pretty is this? Recognize it? Probably because you recently saw it in your Pottery Barn catalog. 🙂

This is probably one of my all time favorites – I love the mixing of art, with photos, with other little things like the keys… it’s perfect. If this overwhelms you – seriously – call Birdhouse – they will hook you up.

Okay – one more… and then you have to wait until next time. 🙂 I love this look – and notice on this one how the frames are not spaced evenly? But it still looks like it flows together? All the frames are the same color and the images are all in black and white – so again – it works. It’s just about what style you like.

Our new patio table

So I was out running early the other morning and someone had this fabulous wooden patio table in their trash. So I called up my dad to see if he was working close by that day – and my luck – he was! So he stopped by and grabbed it for me. It needed a little love – but after tightening a few screws, sanding it down and staining it – it’s fabulous again. I got on Craigs List this week and happened to find these chairs and bench for $20! So after a little more sanding – and spray  paint – we have a great new patio set that is much more my style and fits our whole family!

The before:

The After:

A pretty Spring burlap wreath

I’m not a “crafter” by any means – but I love to create things. I am all over the place though! From photography, to light fixtures, and playhouses to wreaths – I just love making things or recreating things.  I got this idea from another website on how to do this wreath and I loved it and needed something for Spring. It was pretty easy to do and my kids were able to help.  I will show how I did it below if you feel like making one too!


2 yards of burlap {this is about $2.99/yd at any fabric store – and I had plenty left over}

random material {enough to make about 50-60 circles}

foam wreath

scrapbooking brads {we used a pack of 50}

glue gun/glue sticks

Start by cutting out circles of burlap and fabric. {This is really messy – I cut mine outside!} The amount is just an estimate – it all depends on how you layer the circles.

– 50 larger circles of burlap

– 50 smaller circles of burlap

– 50 – 75 small to medium circles of fabric

Put together the “flowers” using the brads. Layer the burlap and material however you like it best and put it together with a brad.

Cut about a 4 inch strip {or strips} of the burlap. Attach one end with the glue gun to foam wreath and continue to overlap it and wrap it around the wreath attaching the other end with the glue gun.  Continue to do this until the entire wreath is covered.

Use your hot glue gun to attach the “flowers” all over the wreath – covering the front, edges and insides.

I tied a strip of fabric around the top of mine to hang it by but you can do this however you would like.

That’s it! It’s easy and super cheap to make!! Let me know if you make one and how it turns out!  To see the original tutorial I got this idea from go here – I hesitated to share that ’cause hers looks awesome – but oh well. 😉