This is my buddy Henry.

He loves to chase his cat.

And climb the stairs.

Henry loves to be swung.

And he LOVES chocolate cake.

I’ve gotten to spend the past year watching Henry grow and change.

He is a really lucky little guy.

He has a mommy and daddy who love him so very much.

And who love each other.

Henry I hope that I get  to continue to watch you as you grow up. You sure are a sweet little guy.
Thank you for letting me hang out and celebrate your first birthday!

Mini Shoot Day!!

Give your wife or mom an amazing gift this year!! This mini shoot not only includes digital files, but a canvas as well!

The details:

Our mini shoots are 20 minutes each.

There is limited availability for these shoots. Once we are filled up you will be placed on our waiting list in case of cancellations.

These mini shoots can not be booked on our online calendar and can only be booked by emailing me at contact@bosleycreative.com.

This is only for mini shoots that take place on April 13th.

Thanks! We can’t wait to have some very surprised and happy mama’s come Mother’s Day this year!!

(And even if you aren’t up to pulling off the surprise – we can guarantee they will still be very happy!)

We will have your digital files and canvas back in time for you to pick up for Mother’s Day.

Worried that a mini won’t be enough time? Here are a couple notes we have gotten from clients after their minis…

“They are so wonderful.  He was being such a stubborn boy and he has such a charm about it that you captured all of it.  I actually teared up!  I also wanted to get photos before he started losing his teeth and he lost his first tooth last Wednesday so the timing was perfect.  Thank you, Catherine.”
Marina G. {Kids Mini Photo Shoot}

“AWWW! Love love love them! I can’t believe it only took 20 minutes and look at all those good ones! Thanks so much Catherine!”
Megan R. {Kids Mini Photo Shoot}


HomeGrown Event at Brix!!


Home Grown is an benefit for the Nebraska Children’s Home Society. At first when they asked me I thought “cool – I have friends that have wanted to adopt – sounds like a great organization”. As I toured the Children’s Home, got to know the staff, and learned more about their organization I learned that it is SO MUCH MORE than just adoptions. Not that I am a minimizing the no-fee adoptions (yes – I am serious – they don’t charge a fee!) or the amazing families that they have helped to bring together, but NCHS is more than an adoption agency. They provide pregnancy, parenting, adoption and post-adoption services; foster care; safety and in-home services; community outreach; and early childhood programming. The organization’s services are centered on creating healthy environments for kids and families.

Meeting and getting to know the staff, working and laughing with the families and listening to them share their stories was such a rewarding experience and one that I am incredibly grateful for. I would LOVE for you guys to come to the Home Grown event that is being held at Brix on October 5th from 5-9.  We have a full photography exhibit with over 18 photos on display to help tell the stories of the lives NCHS has touched. Check out their website at www.homegrownomaha.org. You can save a few bucks by getting your tickets ahead of time – or just drop in and pay at the door!

Just a peek of some of the sweeties we got to work with…


Nebraska skies…

The pre-storm skies were gorgeous last night!!

Cure Search

This year I was fortunate enough to join a group of AMAZING women on the planning committee for the Cure Search Walk in Omaha. CureSearch provides funding for research for kids with cancer. I got to spend a few months meeting and working with a number of different families whose kids either currently have cancer or have in the past. We played, talked, took pictures, and did video interviews.  These kids and their moms made me laugh, cry, smile, and realize what I take for granted every day. It was amazing to get to know all of these fighters and my life was changed forever by them. If you click the link below you can watch the video that we put together to help raise awareness and funding.


Happy 3rd Birthday Drake!!

Celebrating a third birthday is such an exciting time!  If you’re like me you probably have thoughts of how fast time has gone, you are busy planning a party, deciding on a cake, picking up balloons and choosing the perfect gift. But for most of us – while it is a happy time – we probably take for granted that our little one is turning three. Because we have never even considered the thought that they wouldn’t.

My buddy Drake turned three years old today. He celebrated with an awesome fireman truck cake made by his mommy, and I am sure his smile beamed from ear to ear with his family all around him. But they are definitely not taking for granted his 3rd birthday. Because in their world – they can’t take a single day for granted, celebrating his 3rd birthday wasn’t a give-in. There were times they weren’t sure they would get to have this party. Drake was diagnosed a little less than a year ago with ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia).  So now, their days are spent in and out of the hospital, hoping for good health and good counts so they can do treatment, and playing with tractors, firetrucks, “apps”, and bubbles while Drake fights the cancer that is attacking his little body.

Help us cheer Drake on and wish him a happy birthday by donating to Cure Search to help fund research so that the number of 3 years olds that don’t get to celebrate their birthday  goes down. Please donate – these kids and families NEED this research done. They need to know there is a treatment to make their child healthy again.  Your donation can save lives.