Happy 5 years to us!!

Well we couldn’t be more excited to be celebrating our golden 5 year anniversary on May 5th of Bosley Creative Photography!

Five years ago after what must have been a very convincing and enticing power point presentation, my husband agreed to let me venture out to Rockbrook Camera and the Apple store to gather the necessary tools (a camera and computer) to start up Bosley Creative. With no prior business owner experience (well other than Jackson’s fix it shop when I was 6), expecting baby #3, a dream of quitting the 9-5 at some point, and my only real goal just being “not failing” – you can understand his hesitation. However with the support and encouragement of him, my parents and family, colleagues and friends we bought a domain name, my buddy at work helped me learn basic coding and how to build a simple website, our friends let me snap pictures of their kiddos for my portfolio and off we went, officially launching and sending out our first email on May 5th. I will never forget the excitement of getting my first “real client”. And through the years – we have been so blessed with friends becoming clients, and clients turning into friends. I can’t tell you how many days I get done with a shoot and think “Am I playing hooky? This can’t seriously be my real job.” While I won’t lie and say it is easy, or stress-free, I do love it more than anything and can’t imagine how different my life would be today if we hadn’t taken that leap of faith 5 years ago.

I have to SINCERELY thank all of you that have trusted me to capture memories for your family, passed my name along and referred me to your friends and colleagues, and helped to support and encourage me through the years. It still brings me so much joy every time I see a “like” or “comment” on our pictures. I love what I do and being able to share it with all of you has been so rewarding. I literally thank God every day for giving me this talent and a way to share it with others, and for allowing me to have a business and career that I adore so much.

I will stop rambling on for now… and get to the stuff you really care about. Our giveaways! 🙂 Here is the scoop, we started our 5 days of celebrating yesterday with a mini shoot giveaway that is still up for grabs. All you have to do is check out our status on our Bosley Creative Facebook page and like the status, and/or share it on your wall for an entry. Pretty easy stuff!! Keep watching though because we have a new giveaway coming up soon and more the rest of the week!!

Thank you all again for supporting my business and making this dream a reality for me!!

Dance Pictures!!

A note from one of my clients whose husband was battling cancer during the time of our photo shoot

I received this email from a client the other day and it brought tears to my eyes. I was referred to her through a friend and when we did their pictures it was immediately before her husband was to have a transplant. The day we went to do them it started raining – so knowing we didn’t have time to reschedule I wrapped my camera in my coat and we did the shoot in the rain. They were all such troopers and the pictures turned out beautiful. I wanted to share her email with all of you because I hope that you can see how important family pictures can be to someone fighting a serious illness and if you ever have a friend in this situation I hope that you will send them my way. It’s not that they need pictures because they aren’t going to win the fight, but more or less to empower them through the battle and so that they will be able to look back at the pictures years later to remember this chapter in their lives that will forever change them.


I wanted to give you a (late) heads up that I referred a friend to you.  She was just diagnosed in January with cancer, and her husband has been battling cancer for the past couple years now.  When I spoke with her last week I told her to get a family picture and I strongly suggested she call you.  Catherine you were the best during a very difficult time when we rushed to get our pictures in before Steve’s transplant.   And I want you to know how very important those pictures were and are to us.  I told my friend how the family picture and the ones of the kids, traveled to and from the hospital with us for months and beautifully embodied to Steve every time he looked at them why he was going through this.  People still talk about how great that family picture was 2 years later because we sent it out as our holiday card.  I hope she calls you or has called you already.  If she does contact you, the photo shoot will be as magical, meaningful and beautiful as it was for our family in your hands.  Even through the rain drops we had, you captured a beauty, a peace, and a love I truly know we could have only gotten from you and for that thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are a true artist.

You are the best and many blessing to you and your family!

Thanks and hugs,


Vacation time!!

We are officially on vacation until Wednesday, February 15th. Shoot us an email if you need anything and we will get back to you then! Just a reminder – you can access our online calendar to book your shoot any time by clicking on the calendar tab above. Have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Want to win a Mini Shoot?!

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet – we are so close to reaching 500 Fans on our Bosley Creative Facebook Page. But we need your help! Just simply go to www.facebook.com/bosleycreative – and like our page if you haven’t already. Then like our status about the contest, and share the status to get an additional entry! Once we hit 500 fans – we will draw from the status “likes” to see who wins a mini shoot.
Did we say “like” enough in this post?!

Another reason to “keep on, keepin’ on…”

…So that I can build these kinds of rooms for my grandkids someday – ah-may-zing… check ’em out.


Get ready Boppa – you’re going to have your work cut out for you… 🙂