Everyday with Lulu

I have a confession to make. I’m a professional photographer and have been for almost seven years. I have some pretty nice equipment, and I believe God gave me a unique way to view his world. But when it comes to my every day life – I’ve been trapped by the ease of my iPhone camera. It’s everywhere I go, it’s easy to use, and even easier to share and upload our every waking moment. (You’re welcome…) But every now and then I try to remind myself to get out my “big camera”, with the good lenses and to use that to capture this awesome time in my life. Lately – Lulu’s been the subject, because while the other kiddos are gone at school – we are faithfully hanging out together, playing barbies, eating, doing crafts and painting.

Miss Luella has a little attitude of her own sometimes…

I was chopping up onions for dinner and she insisted that she wanted to eat one, and that she would like it… obviously – she was wrong. 🙂

It’s really the little every day moments that I want to capture in our family. Those things that go by without us even noticing.

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