Giveaway Day 4!!

Ohhhh you guys are in for a treat! Andrea from the Pinkadink is giving away a little girls fabric tie dress!! These are absolutely adorable, can be worn in any season and you get to choose from all different fabrics to find your favorite! Make sure to check out her Facebook page and website to see all the cute things she has for sale! Added bonus – we also carry some items from the Pinkadink in the boutique at our studio – so the next time you are up there make sure to check it out! So by now you know what to do I’m sure – but just in case… check out our Facebook page, like or share our Pinkadink status and cross your fingers to be our next winner!

A little note from our very talented designer…

I’m Andrea Hydeen from the pinkadink, and I’ve been creating fun stuff for kids for just over 3 years now. I graduated from college with degrees in Spanish and Elementary Education, but after one year of teaching decided I just had to be home with my babies instead. My husband, Steve, and I have three kids: Lillian, Josiah, and Brielle. I’ve also been doing daycare in my home for the last 4 years. At the end of this month I’ll be transitioning into running my business full time instead, and I”m excited to see how it grows! You can check out my website (it’s sorta under construction…sorry) at, or be a part of my giveaways and contests by liking my facebook page!

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