Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Whether you are a soon to be first time mom or have a whole crew of kiddos that you have been blessed with – I want to wish you a VERY VERY VERY Happy Mothers Day! Being a mom is by far the best thing in my entire life. I mean I LOVE being a business owner, a photographer, a wife, and a friend. But there is nothing that trumps being a mommy.  Getting to proudly cheer on #53 from the sidelines at lacrosse and beam through parent teacher conferences, giggle with my silly 5 year old, watch her do cartwheels over and over and over again,  and count down the days to her becoming a 6 year old (it’s 12 if you are curious) is amazing. I love exploring, creating, and laughing with my sweet little preschooler and laugh as he charms an old man who is out fishing to give him a pet snail, and oh to be the mommy of my baby girl. Those kisses, those chunky thighs, that sweet face and those bedtime snuggles. I am telling you there is NOTHING better than being a mommy. Every night I walk from room to room before I go to bed and cover them up with their blankies, and thank God for each one – all the joy they bring me, and because I know I am SO BLESSED to have them. And I know that so many of you feel the same way. So HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Mother’s Day!

Because I do know that being a mom is amazing – I also know that it has it’s days! And sometimes weeks, and I am sure if you are the mom of a teen – probably even years!  So I want to give something to YOU. And hear me out on this. As a mom a lot of times we sacrifice everything for our kiddos, and a lot of times that means gym time, hair appointments, clothes shopping – you know what I mean. And we don’t always feel amazing, and we are tired. So – we are having a special day for moms – and moms only. We are going to pick one Friday night and we will have FIVE very lucky winners that get to come in. We will have wine, a professional hair and makeup artist there and we will  glam you up, make you feel beautiful and then do a little photo shoot. Just for you. Because we want to bring out all that amazing-ness that you don’t always see when you look in the mirror. This isn’t a bodouir session – don’t worry! This is a “beautify” session. This isn’t just for those women who just lost a bunch of weight and are feeling great (although we do want you to apply too!) it’s for everyone.  But definitely also for those of you who haven’t felt really felt beautiful since, well, your baby was born! This isn’t a deal where trying to win a session means you think you look gorgeous – but more or less that you want a fun girls night and a night for you! I wish we could open it up to everyone but because our hair and makeup artist are generously donating their time and talents to make you feel your absolute BEST – we are limited on time so we can only give this special gift to 5 people!

You wonder why I am doing this for Mother’s Day? Wouldn’t a family photo shoot or pics of the kids make more sense? It’s because I KNOW what feeling beautiful can do for you. When we feel beautiful we are confident, our work lives and home lives are better. Feeling amazing isn’t something you should lose when you become a mommy – but because we rarely look like the women on tv or in the magazines – it’s tough. I know this first hand – I would love to have time for the gym every day, and to get my hair done, and nails, and facials, but honestly there are days when I am lucky to get a shower in. Life is busy and because my kids and my husband are my priority – something has to give. And that is usually me. I know so many amazing moms who are out there giving their all to their kids, working to support their family, and giving back to our community – and I want to give something to them. And if I can give you some pictures that make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside – than that makes me overjoyed!

If you even have a tiny feeling that this would be fun – please shoot me an email (contact@bosleycreative.com), find the post about this on Facebook and like it, message me – whatever! I know just taking the step to say “yes I want this done” can be intimidating – so please email me directly and don’t feel like you have to put it out there on Facebook if you aren’t comfortable with that!

The only other thing you have to make sure to do if you are a winner of this – is to plan a night out after your session – whether it is with your girlfriends or husband – because you are going to look and feel amazing!

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