Mini Shoot Day!!

Give your wife or mom an amazing gift this year!! This mini shoot not only includes digital files, but a canvas as well!

The details:

Our mini shoots are 20 minutes each.

There is limited availability for these shoots. Once we are filled up you will be placed on our waiting list in case of cancellations.

These mini shoots can not be booked on our online calendar and can only be booked by emailing me at

This is only for mini shoots that take place on April 13th.

Thanks! We can’t wait to have some very surprised and happy mama’s come Mother’s Day this year!!

(And even if you aren’t up to pulling off the surprise – we can guarantee they will still be very happy!)

We will have your digital files and canvas back in time for you to pick up for Mother’s Day.

Worried that a mini won’t be enough time? Here are a couple notes we have gotten from clients after their minis…

“They are so wonderful.  He was being such a stubborn boy and he has such a charm about it that you captured all of it.  I actually teared up!  I also wanted to get photos before he started losing his teeth and he lost his first tooth last Wednesday so the timing was perfect.  Thank you, Catherine.”
Marina G. {Kids Mini Photo Shoot}

“AWWW! Love love love them! I can’t believe it only took 20 minutes and look at all those good ones! Thanks so much Catherine!”
Megan R. {Kids Mini Photo Shoot}


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