My first piece of art

I have pictures of my kids up all over the house – we have a couple canvas prints in the living room, an entire stairway dedicated to pictures of our family and close friends, and other prints spread through out the house.  And while I love the pictures of the kids – I want a little diversity when it comes to my art.  My good friend who owns Birdhouse Interiors and Birdhouse Collectible is a huge advocate for original art. She is always encouraging me to use my talents as a photographer and create art pieces out of them (and she means beyond the shrine of my children).  So after tirelessly searching for an art piece that I really loved (and could afford) I decided to go through some of my own pictures that I have taken.  I decided on this one and will be hanging it in a black frame that my dad and I made.  This picture is of the Beetison house in Ashland.  I am fascinated by it and have done a few photo shoots out there. The house was constructed in 1874-75 and has such a rich history.


  1. I love it!! Can I have one too??


  1. […] – Artwork: the bird picture above the couch was done by Dana Damewood who is another Omaha area photographer, and the two pictures on either side of it are mine. One is of my bro and I when we were little and the other is of my grandparents when they were dating – which is one of my very favorite pictures of all time. Other pictures around the room are of our grandparents and parents when they were young, and one of my own pieces of fine art taken of the Beetison House. […]

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