Our Gingerbread House

Our overly kind neighbors and good friends brought us over a gingerbread house kit this year. This weekend we decided to tackle it with the kids.  We laughed A LOT and learned a few things for next year…

1. Read and follow the instructions when it comes to the assembly.  When they say to let it sit for an hour before going to the next step – do it.  Don’t try to rush though it in hopes that it’s not necessary.

2. Start assembling the house before 7:30 at night.

3. When decorating – have Madison wear a hair net.

4. A little water goes a long way in the frosting.

5. Don’t break the gingerbread man’s head off.

It was a fabulous new tradition that we will carry on every year. We had so much fun – and laughed so hard at our messy and ridiculous gingerbread house.


  1. Barb Bosley says:

    I LOVE these pictures and the story, as well!

    I’m definately wanting a copy of the last pic … one of my new favorties…I have somewhere special to hang it…makes me think of one of my 3 when they were little.

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