Spring is coming!!

Last week with the teaser of gorgeous weather this was a more believable statement, but today with the cold weather and snow all around it’s harder to believe! I promise though – Spring is coming and it’s right around the corner!!

Last {gloomy} Saturday I was stuck in my office doing my taxes and I started to notice how many shoots we did outdoors last April. It’s hard to believe but all of these pics were taken last April. Look how gorgeous it will be and at all the green grass – in just about a month!!

We are so excited to get back outside to start shooting again – but we are on a bit of a time crunch! I am due May 3rd so we are trying to fit in as many shoots as we can early-mid April.  If you are wanting to get in a Spring shoot with us please go online and get something booked right away – our 1st weekend in April is already almost booked up! Here is the link to our online calendar: http://bosleycreative.bookmonline.com/

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